About Us.


Folks have often asked about this passage and I’ve never really had a good answer. This is still true, but here’s the story.

We used airline safety cards as the inspiration for the second chocolate label. We felt the product needed instruction lest someone buy it and eat the whole bar, this is not its intended usage, and it seemed natural to extend upon the metaphor of flight. I was reading Hagakure and re-reading The Art of War at the time and came up with the riff you read here. I described a set of images to my dear friend Bobby Schatte who was helping with the design.

The images were meant as a challenge to the falsehoods created by integration. By integration I mean the process by which we as children learn to distinguish concepts and things; to place them in groups. To think categorically. To distinguish the self from the other.

Why am I me and not you?

I’m not so different from this blade of grass here really… Anyway I felt (feel) cannabis has this calling amongst us humans, it holds us in its sway really, and this message is the substance of that call. If I’m not so different from this blade of grass, if there is a connectedness amongst all things to which our culturally constructed perceptions just happens to blind us, then death truly is no consequence and may itself be only a construct. I swear only later did Ben hip me to the famous Bruce Lee interview and I was a bit haunted when I saw it.

I miss these panels.

I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished as a company, and this is probably the closest to a mission statement you’ll ever see from us.

Thank you.