Toro Bar Chocolate.


Cannabis is food. Food is Medicine.

Wendell Berry said “eating is an agricultural act.” We say that cannabis has the power to transform not only we humans, but also agriculture itself.

By choosing Toro Bar Chocolate, you are supporting not only our skills and our craft, you are supporting small Oregon sun grown cannabis farms and agriculture which seeks to nourish and heal the world beyond our great state.


Toro Bar White (CBD-rich)

America’s first high-CBD edible. Our unique easy-to-dose scored bar design and high-CBD whole plant cannabis formulations were developed in lengthy collaboration with medical patients and were the first of their kind anywhere.

Toro Bar Blue (2:1 CBD:THC “Ratio”)

We’ve worked diligently to source only the highest quality organic & Fair-Trade ingredients for our healthy vegan treats.



Toro Bar Black (THC-rich)

We use only full-spectrum strain-specific cannabis oil in our chocolate, “RSO” or “FECO”, made from organic cane alcohol-washed Clean Green Certified cannabis grown by our partner farms in the lilting Southern Oregon sun.